Monday, June 11, 2007

Review: Learning Wrap-Ups for Pre-Algebra

Learning Wrap-Ups for Pre-Algebra: Introductory Kit

Kit includes 5 flashcard sets covering various mathematical review and pre-algebra skills

Each of five sets in this kit have 10 plastic key-shaped cards that fan-out at a pivot point. A sturdy string attached to the pivot point is pulled through a hole in the card. The student then wraps the string from the first problem to the answer, around the back of the card to the next problem, etc. After completing the card, you turn the card over. If the string matches with the lines on the back, all the answers are correct.

The five sets drill the following materials:

Addition & Subtraction of Positive and Negative Numbers Sample problem: (-9)-(-2)=t

Multiplication & Division of Positive and Negative Numbers Sample problem: (-7)x(-12)=p

Solving for the Unknown (Working with Variables) Sample problem: (-42)-z=(-3)

Understanding Algebraic Expressions Sample problem: Given x=7, evaluate 8x-7

Mental Math, Prime Factors, Perfect Squares, Square Roots, Formulas for Area, Perimeter and Volume Sample problem: Find the square root of 289

Our family has enjoyed the Learning Wrap-ups as a nice way to drill facts. I'm impressed with the thought that has gone into the equations. My 6th grade daughter has found this set a little challenging (more appropriate for 7th and 8th grade), but a welcome change from her textbook.

Reviewed by Alicia Van Hecke (2-21-05)

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