Monday, June 11, 2007

Review: Magnetic Hundreds Board

Magnetic Hundreds Board

Nasco, 23" x 23" laminated poster

I have used homemade hundreds charts for years - they've been
a great help for Math in preschool, kindergarten and early grade school. I was so excited when I saw this item in a catalog because it is advertised as a "double-sided wipe-off white board with sheet magnet-receptive surfaces." I immediately dreamed up all sorts of fun things my little ones could do on this board with skip-counting, covering numbers, etc.

I was immediately disappointed in the quality of the board. It really is more of a thick poster than a board. It seems to be made of two cardstock poster-sized sheets with a thin metallic sheet in between. The three sheets are laminated together with a rather thin laminate (I honestly couldn't tell at first if this was the packaging to be removed - it wasn't!). Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try and hung it on the wall. My first grade daughter very happily proceeded to draw x's over all of the even numbers (this was fun!). We discovered soon afterwards that our markers (Expo2 dry erase markers) would not erase from this board. We tried two different kinds of dry-erasers, a special dry-erase board spray and finally windex and paper towels.

I want to make clear that Customer Service at Nasco was very easy to deal with in getting my money refunded. But this is a product I recommend avoiding.

Reviewed by Alicia Van Hecke (2-1-05)

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