Saturday, October 06, 2007

Review: The Church's Most Powerful Novenas

The Church's Most Powerful Novenas by Michael Dubruiel
Our Sunday Visitor, 2006, 288 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59276-097-8

Reviewed by Ana Braga-Henebry, M.A.

How often do we look for a novena? Chances are, if your family is like ours, you will love this little resource. It may be small, but it's packed full with novenas! More than 20 novenas, classified in categories such as Novenas to Christ and the Holy Spirit, to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to the Relatives of Jesus. Also to particular saints, American Saints, Holy Souls, and even a quick Novena by Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

Introductory paragraphs and appendices offer historical vignettes, reasons to pray novenas, information on shrines related to the novenas, and more--including "novena problems to avoid"!

The small format volume is handsomely printed on "missal" pages and it will fit in anyone's handbag--mine is there! One never knows when a novena comes in need, does one?

One aspect of this user-friendly book that I specifically enjoyed is the historical information about each novena and the devotions surrounding each one. I discovered I have said novenas multiple times without fully knowing the very holy and interesting facts behind them!

Available at your favorite catholic bookseller.

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