Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Review: Handwriting for Young Catholics 5

Handwriting for Young Catholics 5
2003, Seton Educational Media, 249 pages, softcover, Catholic

Recently revised by the Seton staff, this 5th grade handwriting worktext has already become a favorite in our homeschool. The book begins with a review of both capital and lower-case letters in a traditional cursive font, then continues with a state-by-state journey across America. Using a copywork style of presentation, the text includes a blend of American history, US geography, and the study of famous Americans and holy persons and places. Each model line of text is immediately followed by a blank line on which the text is to be written. This eliminates the problem of being unable to spell unfamiliar words and names, which is required in order to write in cursive fluently. The font is a comfortable size for any later elementary student, and the middle guide line has been eliminated to make the transition to ordinary notebook paper easier. The thick book opens almost flat to allow a student to do his or her best work, and high-quality, smooth paper makes writing a pleasure.

I am not a handwriting purist, intent on perfecting a particular font style, but I do insist that my students learn to write in cursive. Because even the new SAT requires the student to submit an essay in his or her own hand, using a simple, clear style has gained additional importance. The Seton handwriting text series use a pleasant, traditional cursive handwriting style which is easy to read and quick to write. This 5th grade level worktext makes learning to write in cursive an enjoyable task by copying interesting passages alongside lovely full-color illustrations.

Reviewed by Susan Kalis (10-3-07)


Christine said...

My fifth grader is really enjoying this book and likes sharing tidbits from it.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Susan, this was a very helpful review. Thank you!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Same here--very helpful.